Goodbye, hoodie tunic. I'm sad to see you go

I'm sorry, hoodie tunic. I really liked you. Items like you don't come along very often, interesting and asymmetric and a bit moody. You were a wonderfully comfortable piece and I wore you often. And therein lies the problem. I somehow snagged you on something and tore a hole in you. I'm so sorry I didn't take more care when wearing you, and I'm sad to see you go. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me.

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  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Oh this is a great piece!  Any at all it could be repaired??

  • cindysmith replied 4 years ago

    Deborah, it was a pretty big rip, and not on a seam. :-(

  • Toban replied 4 years ago

    So sad! I hope you find a similar replacement.

  • jussie replied 4 years ago

    Great top- such a bummer.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 4 years ago

    It's so cute. I guess there's no way you could applique something over the hole and call it a design, huh? Here's hoping a similarly cool piece will come your way soon.

  • Jessikams replied 4 years ago

    Noticed a hole in my favorite tee today. Tried to mend it and definitely made it worse. Booooooo.

  • Mainelady replied 4 years ago

    She is, or was, lovely. I hope you can soon find a replacement to fall in love with.

  • Sisi replied 4 years ago

    What Firecracker said. A patch, a stitching in a contrasting color? I say this because when I find something that works I would never let it go!

  • Cardiff girl replied 4 years ago

    Come on Cindy smith don’t give up that easily on an old friend ,add a patch or two in some contrasting fabric to make it look deliberate and work that post apocalyptic look !

  • Angie replied 4 years ago


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