Goodbye, Creative Recreation hi-tops

I bought you because I've become obsessed with joggers and a bit of a streetwear vibe. You were comfortable, but I have gotten spoiled for things that are easier to get on and off than you were.

Seriously, what is with this business of shoelaces? They take so much time, and if it's a high top sneaker like you, it's not like I can just untie the laces and pull the shoes off. Nope, with high tops, you gotta unpack them suckers so much it's not funny. Really, not funny at all, because when I want to put the shoes back on my feet, I gotta tighten the laces starting all the way at the very first set of eyelets. That's just stupid, especially when I'm still angry at how hard it was to get my foot out.

It's not your fault I'm a spoiled brat, and you deserve to be loved by somebody who doesn't take issue with shoelaces. I hope you find a good home!