Goodbye, blue tunic. We hardly knew each other at all

Goodbye, Joan Vaas blue tunic. I ordered you because you were perfect. Light blue (part of my color palette!), natural fiber, great length, rather well-made for the price point...

Unfortunately, I am a bull in a china shop and I also love coffee (those two things can't possibly be related, right?)

And I spilled coffee on you. Three big blobs. With no access to stain remover, soap, nada zero zip zilch.

I used you for a while to go with a favorite pair of leggings, but the gym was just too hot and stuffy for your nice, thick fabric. So I sent you to the textile recycling, hoping you can find a new life serving somehow, somewhere.

It was a very short love affair, but it was a real love. I shall miss you terribly. Thank you for sparking joy so intensely