Goodbye, Edmundo Castillo ankle boots. I truly loved you hard

Edmundo Castillo ankle booties, I truly loved you. You excited me, empowered me, and helped me look like I'd shank somebody if they got too close.

I swore we would never break up, that I would keep you forever.

Then I started having foot problems. I still held on to you, even though I knew I probably wouldn't ever wear you again. Then the foot problems got worse.

My sponsor's sister wears the same size shoes as me, so they promised to rehome all of my beautiful shoes that I could no longer wear. When my sponsor saw you, she fell in love with you. Hard, like I once did. Her foot was smaller than mine. And you were a bit small for me. So she tried you on, and you went home with her, to be appreciated and shown off like you deserve to be.

I'll miss you terribly, but I'll take comfort in knowing that someone I love has adopted you and will take care of you, have fun with you, and maybe even make people a little afraid she'll shank them if they get to close :-)


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