Goodbye, fleece jacket. I'm sorry I let you go

You were my favorite work jacket: soft, warm, and able to take the abuse of my job. I counted on your presence to keep me warm on those cold days during firewood season. You comforted me, you kept me somewhat dry, you kept me warm.

I didn't want to let you go. But that drunk dude came in right before closing time, and his sob story was epic. I was afraid he wouldn't go away, and I'd be trapped there with him trying to talk me into saving him from his self-induced dilemma. It was cold, and he was on foot, heading the opposite direction of our home (not that I'd have let him in the truck with me if we WERE heading the same direction).

My 12 step recovery has taught me that random acts of kindness must be part of my life, because I can only keep my serenity by giving away the good that was so freely given to me. So I gave you to that poor drunk dude, because he was only wearing a thin shirt and it was COLD.

I knew as I unzipped you that I would never see you again. I'm sorry I let you go; I hope you are keeping someone else as warm as you once kept me.


Goodbye, embroidered blue babouche loafers

I love the idea of you. Soft, unstructured, somewhat delicate looking. The execution leaves something to be desired. I wore you all day today, and I have sore toes that might have blisters when I wake up tomorrow. That is unforgiveable.

My life has no use for "sitting shoes", so off you go to find a new home.


Goodbye, cowboy rock star ankle boots

Its not your fault you're leaving me. I just could t stand the lack of shoe storage situation any longer. I kept finding shoes that I FORGOT I owned and that's just ridiculous. I also found that I was splitting wears; there were other shoes I'd rather have worn, but I felt guilty for leaving you untouched in the closet. That was unfair to you and my other shoes, so I'm passing you on in Hope's that you find a home that will appreciate you and wear you out of love rather than obligation.


Goodbye, heavy necklace

I don't know how it happened, but I found you under the checkout counter at work. It's a shame, because I really liked you. You had presence and weight, and the faux leather fabric didn't give me heat rash on the back of my neck.

I'm sorry I was so careless with you, heavy necklace. I shall miss you this summer when I want to accessorize but don't want heat rash.


Good bye, edgy flats, I can't let you hurt me anymore

These were a wonderful addition to my shoe rotation. Basic black with a twist. The pointed toe & metallic studs on the vamp and toe box were edgy cool enough to make me order you. For a while, you performed fairly valiantly, but when I wore you all day you failed utterly.

You gave me a blister on my big toe.

I'm not the kind of person who ever needs what Angie calls "sitting shoes", so I can't justify letting you take up space in my closet. I have to pass you on to someone who can use some "sitting shoes".

I appreciate your efforts to serve me well, but I can't forgive the blister. I refuse to wear shoes that hurt my feet. I hope you find a home that appreciates your cool factor.


Goodbye, gap tall sweater

I wanted to love you. The length was perfect, the small side vents were perfect, the sleeves were beyond perfect (and made me reconsider Gap because I have a problem finding sleeves that are long enough).

The deep v neckline in the back drove me batty, so I never wore you. It's time to pass you on to someone else who will appreciate the fit of a garment made for tall women; I know how hard it can be to find.


Goodbye, holey joggers. I shall truly miss you

Holey joggers, you were a total impulse purchase. I was walking through the Family Dollar looking for a crossword puzzle book when I spotted you out of the corner of my eye. I had to have you.

You were perfect to wear with my tactical boots and my black sweater with slits at the elbows. I felt like a post apocalyptic warrior while wearing you.

Sadly, this week, I got some super sticky black construction adhesive goop on you. If it had just been paint or stain, I would have rolled with it. This stuff was super sticky gooey stuff, and as I peeled you off to try and assess the damage, the goo made you stick to yourself. The goo just kept smearing around and making different parts of you stick together. At that moment, I realized that there was no hope.

Goodbye, holey joggers, I shall truly miss you.


Good by, hi-top sneakers.

It was a rough week for my wardrobe here in the middle of nowhere. A favorite top got chewed on by my boss's pet goat; thankfully, it can be saved with some target practice LOL
The sneakers I was wearing with the top? Not so much. It's been a really wet week, and the mud stains just wouldn't come out. This was a pair of shoes that weren't meant to fit my dystopian aesthetic. These shoes were more lighthearted and fun than my usual cynical/pessimistic self. They were a bright berry with some metallic dark grey accents.
Goodbye, hi-top sneakers. Im sorry I was so careless with you.


Goodbye, hoodie tunic. I'm sad to see you go

I'm sorry, hoodie tunic. I really liked you. Items like you don't come along very often, interesting and asymmetric and a bit moody. You were a wonderfully comfortable piece and I wore you often. And therein lies the problem. I somehow snagged you on something and tore a hole in you. I'm so sorry I didn't take more care when wearing you, and I'm sad to see you go. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me.


Goodbye, belt. Hello door pull

Goodbye, Linea Pelle belt. I ordered you from Barney's ages ago. You didn't fit right, so I never wore you.

It's a total shame to have something as beautiful as you to be neglected, so I had Sunshine cut you. I had him spare your interesting ends and take the rest to our house build to make a pull for the back side of the sliding barn door.

It hurt to cut you, yet it comforted me to know that you would be used in my new forever home. Thank you for your non-traditional service to us; now let's hope I can find the perfect DIY project to use and enjoy the rest of you.


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