Goodbye, h&m lyocell top. I'm sad to see you go

Houston, we have a problem. My washing machine has somehow made holes in 3 shirts in the last week or so. It's starting to make me sick.

Last night, when I brought you in off the clothesline, I saw little holes. A lot of little holes.

I'm not supposed to love fast fashion, but h&m made a lot of sense when I worked at the fruit stand. Too many garments got ruined at work, I had to quit spending lots of money on garments I loved when they were just getting ruined. I got you home and loved you. Perfect length, small slits on the side, silvery grey color, lightweight enough to work in this Texas heat.

I'm sad to see you go. I'll miss you very much.

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  • Jane replied 5 years ago

    Yikes, how very annoying.

  • bj1111 replied 5 years ago

    Successful kondo style release of clothing that has served its purpose.

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 5 years ago

    I love your final salutes to clothing that’s retiring.

    Are your fruit stand days entirely over? No more goats gnawing at your shirts?

  • Jessikams replied 5 years ago

    I used to have a washing machine that was SO hard on clothes. I wonder if it’s fixable? The machine, I mean. Sounds like it is sadly too late for your shirt.

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 5 years ago

    I think front-loading/tumbling machines are easier on clothes than machines with agitators. Not sure how that could be fixed. Maybe some agitators are worse than others.

  • cindysmith replied 5 years ago

    Fashintern, yes. I believe I am permanently done with the fruit and goats and pigs and veggies and firewood. That jerk fired me because of my physical therapy appointments; he already told my husband that when I was done with p.t. & was ready to go back to work to call him.
    Um, yeah, not so much unless that's literally my only option for a job.

  • Molly Mac replied 5 years ago

    I no longer shop H&M because of this very issue. I use lingerie bags, have a front loading washer, and use the delicate cycle and STILL have their clothes start to disintegrate within a few washes. I stick to Uniqlo now or just wait for similar items at higher end stores to go on sale.

  • cindysmith replied 5 years ago

    Molly, I've had major issues with pilling from h&m knits, especially sweaters. I don't buy sweaters from them anymore for that reason. This top was an exception, it held up surprisingly well through 2 summers of heavy wear. I'm wondering if it got washed with any items with zippers or sand/mortar in them from DH's work as a mason. I've had 3 tops from 3 different brands get eaten by my washer in the same way, one of which had been worn exactly once (rayon, from Cato) and one worn several times (100% cotton from Target). It has me very nervous about washing any more tops in my washer. I'm running low on the ones I bought to be "disposable" for my job that destroyed clothes at a horrifying rate.

  • Cardiff girl replied 5 years ago

    Mmmm,nice boss-not!Hopefully you will find something much better that doesn’t involve getting your clothes munched.ln the mean while farewell holey top.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Rotten luck, Cindy. Such a fab colour with your hair.

    Those tiny holes can appear on just about any garment these days. Moths, crossbodies, seat belts, semi-tucking with belts, you name it. Inconsistent quality is unfortunately a reality.

  • efbgen replied 5 years ago

    Dang- you better get to the bottom of that hungry washing machine before you have to say goodbye to more favs. Try washing things in laundry bag or pillow case.
    If push comes to shove- you may have to hand wash your nice pieces in the sink in that gorgeous new kitchen;-)

  • Gretchen replied 5 years ago

    So sorry - I hate that moment when the garment comes out of the machine and you just KNOW it's time to say goodbye. 

    Have you been washing on delicate cycle? When our washer was on its last legs it started doing all sorts of crazy things. I found switching to a different cycle helped. Good luck!

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    I had a front load washer that I got rid of because it had a sharp little piece of metal in the drum that put holes in things. It also put rust stains on lots of things like my silk pillow cases. I am still working to get those stains out.
    DH's tops fared worst because they went in the dryer before I saw the damage. I mostly line dry my stuff. Stains do not get as set

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